Mediaocean Holiday Party

Mediaocean’s holiday party was an homage to the founding of their company in 1967. The theme was full on mod, op art galore. These posters were created to promote the event.
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The Bonfire Circle

The Yahoo Bonfire Circle is an event that takes place in a remote location on the planet where a very exclusive group of decision makers and experts in the world of advertising and digital media convene to talk about “what’s next”, trends, exchange ideas and spark innovation.
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Coca-Cola Retail Design System

To capture the growth of traditional trade in Latin America, Coca-Cola has leveraged design strategically to create a system of modular and adaptable solutions to deliver meaningful in-store experiences, becoming irresistible to shoppers and indispensable to retailers and communities. Working with both the Global Design and Latin America teams, this project’s deliverables were a standards kit, training tools, and prototype stores for exhibitions.
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